Wright Law Group, PLLC — Our Advantages

Flat Fees and Reasonable Hourly Rates

By offering flat fees and hourly rates that deliver strong value, we help clients more accurately anticipate the costs and timeframe of litigation, which facilitates recovery on a greater number of delinquent accounts. We’ve seen our clients reduce their minimum balance for litigation parameters by an average of 30% after one year of experience with our pricing and expertise.

Fast Turnaround of Assignments

Many of our clients take pride in how quickly they are able to approve and fund a customer. At Wright Law Group we reflect that emphasis on speed by turning around assignments quickly. Most new cases are filed within 72 hours of receiving the agreement documents from the client. Moreover, we maintain the capacity to complete your occasional urgent assignment within 24 hours.

Efficient Conclusion of Cases

It is our experience that long and interesting litigation is not the mission of asset managers. Therefore, we make every effort to resolve cases quickly and efficiently, with the lowest legal spend necessary to properly handle your matter. Utilizing a strong understanding of court procedure, and proven strategies to increase pressure on defendants, 80% of our cases are resolved by judgment or settlement in 90 days or less.

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