Finance Contract Enforcement

Fast, efficient resolution of deficiency balance lawsuits lies at the core of Wright Law Group’s mission. We file hundreds of deficiency balance cases each year in multiple states. Given the depth of our experience in contract enforcement litigation, we are able to anticipate and preempt the strategies and actions a defendant is likely to employ, significantly shortening litigation and improving our client's position.

80% of our cases are resolved by judgment or settlement agreement less than 90 days after filing. Our expertise in resolving litigation quickly and efficiently is borne out in our incredibly low trial rate: less than 1% of our equipment finance lawsuits make it to trial on the merits. Even when a defendant employs counsel, we typically achieve settlement before significant courtroom work is necessary.

In the unusual event a case becomes contentious, Wright Law Group's attorneys are adept at handling the complexities that arise when litigating against a sophisticated defendant. Our approach is to break down the defendant's story to its base elements, then use discovery and motion practice to expose common gaps and inconsistencies. Ultimately even a diligent defendant is left unable to meet the basic legal test of their claim or defense. For example, in an equipment finance contract enforcement case against a sophisticated and well-funded borrower, we achieved court ordered dismissal of all defenses and claims of the defendant, consisting of twenty six separate affirmative defenses and counterclaims against our client.

Flat Fees and Focused Service

Wright Law Group offers reasonable flat fees for many routine litigation activities. Flat fees help our clients accurately predict their costs of recovery and ensures each case gets the attention it deserves. Our sensible hourly rates recognize the economic realities of enforcement litigation against a borrower already in default.