Post Judgment Collection

We understand obtaining judgments is not the primary goal of our clients. It is a means to an end; to lower or eliminate each deficiency balance. Our attorneys are skilled in the proper utilization of post judgment remedies to turn judgment debtor assets into funds, including confiscation and sale of personal and business property, seizure and sale of personal and business real estate, and garnishment of bank accounts of several types.

Our office can support or spearhead asset location efforts. We provide analysis and advice on whether to preserve the element of surprise by utilizing public-record based search tools, or whether to conduct invasive discovery on the judgment debtor including production of sensitive financial documents and post judgment depositions to uncover assets.

Gain the Advantage of Our Strategic Collections Work

Wright Law Group's work for creditors does not end when a judgment is entered in our client's favor. Thoughtful, strategic post judgment collection is a critical next step.