Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

Wright Law Group has extensive experience representing creditors before the bankruptcy courts of multiple states. This has allowed us to refine our approach to achieving timely and equitable treatment of our creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

We understand that collateral in a bankruptcy can deteriorate quickly or disappear altogether. This reality requires fast and aggressive action to recover collateral or initiate adequate protection payments as quickly as possible. We approach each case with a sense of urgency to protect our clients' interests. In many cases our client is among the first creditors to receive relief from the automatic stay.

Where a debtor proposes to reorganize, our attorneys focus on maximizing your claim value. We constantly develop and seek out new strategies and arguments to turn the bankruptcy code to our clients' best advantage. For example, we were the first law firm in Texas to win an award of post-petition attorneys’ fees to an undersecured creditor.

Put Our Leading Strategies to Work for You

Recovering for creditors is what we do. This is what puts us at the forefront of aggressive legal strategy that is not just by-the-book, but helps write the book, when it comes to creditors' rights.