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Matthew T. Wright

Fax: (713) 936-9283

Matthew Wright represents funding sources and businesses in collateral recovery matters, outstanding balance litigation, and assertion of creditor rights in bankruptcy. As Founder and Managing Partner of… Read More

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Jared A. Rougeau

Fax: (713) 936-9574

Jared Rougeau represents creditors in collateral recovery matters, outstanding balance litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, and collections. As Lead Attorney, Texas Litigation for Wright Law Group, Mr. Ro… Read More

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Melody G. Anderson

Fax: (310) 256-2519

Resident in Wright Law Group’s California office, Melody Anderson is skilled at negotiating early resolution of cases without trial by obtaining pre-judgment relief for her clients; she also has a 100%… Read More

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Joe T. Shugrue

Fax: (603) 609-0686

Joe Shugrue has an extensive background within the equipment leasing industry. With over 10 years of experience, Mr. Shugrue has a successful track record in recovering funds for secured creditors well… Read More

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Brian R. Hummel

Fax: (813) 553-6843

Brian Hummel joins the firm with over twelve years experience representing banks, loan servicers, and small investors in litigation and bankruptcy matters throughout Florida. Mr. Hummel’s practice focu… Read More

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Damola A. Fakunle

Fax: (713)-936-6879
At Wright Law Group, PLLC Ms. Fakunle works with managers and executives in collateral recovery, deficiency balance litigation, and judgment enforcement matters. A strong advocate for her clients at hearings and in settlement negotiations, she regula… Read More
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Matthew J. Lee

Fax: (404) 445-2893
Mr. Lee often represents creditors in negotiations, lawsuits, and bankruptcy matters and advises his clients on issues related to debt, collateral recovery, contracts, insolvency, and civil litigation. His practice includes drafting bankruptcy and st… Read More
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Harmony N. Oswald

Fax: (310) 256-2519

Harmony’s practice at Wright Law Group includes pre-judgment recovery of her client’s collateral and litigating deficiency balances to judgment. Upon judgment, she pursues assets of all types includi… Read More

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